Auto-X Sep. 22 2018

So sad, the last auto-x of the season. I typically try to get three events in a year. Last year was a bust, but I did get three events in this year. That makes me happy. This was a super technical course and a nice change. There weren’t a lot of places to build speed. I felt like the people with the lesser power had a better chance.

One of the challenges I’ve have with my car is dialing out the understeer. Each run, I adjust the suspension a little more or change the tire pressure. I’m really starting to feel like my car is getting to a balanced state. I’m looking forward to next season.

I did have a funny moment during run three. On the long slalom on the back of the course, my rear view mirror fell off. When it fell, it hit my wipers and they started going. Unfortunately, you don’t see it in that video, just see the wipers going.

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