Who’s good at drawing?!?!? I know I thought I wasn’t. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that most people think they aren’t a good drawer. I haven’t done any research to back that fact, but I am making an assumption. Artists, I also applaud you. The ability to think of something, then translate it into a medium is pretty amazing. But something changed for me.

I recently became a VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX6-DCV). I took the VMware Certified Advanced Profession Deploy (VCAP6-DCV Deploy) exam last year and then proceeded to drag my feet for several months. I then took the design exam a few months ago (VCAP6-DCV Design). I decided to use a reward system to take the design exam. I really just didn’t want to take the exam. I said when I pass the exam, I would gift myself a drawing class. In my motivation post, I talked about trying to expand on my creativity side, and I thought this would be a good challenge and maybe even fun. I decided on the Drawing Fundamentals course on Pluralsight.


Nothing too intense. Just four short hours. I downloaded the course on to my tablet, grabbed a spare notebook, a pencil, and started the course. I pretty much always have my tablet with me and when I had a few minutes, I would watch a few minutes of the course. Below are some of the images I created.

I’m really impressed with myself. I know I’m not an amazing drawer at this moment. I currently don’t compare to someone who has been practicing for years or taking classes in school, but I’m still proud. I no longer think that I can’t draw. I think, I have the ability to draw. I look at life and see shapes. How could I draw that? If just four hours of online training can massively improve my perception and increase my skill level, is there something else I’ve been telling myself that I’m bad at doing? Is there something you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do? What kind of skills would you like to learn?

I plan to still draw, recreationally. When I need a fun escape from life. For now, I’m learning how do create videos. I recently shot some slow motion video while I was out on travel. I also installed a program called DaVinci Resolve. Let’s see what happens. A post is sure to follow.

Have an amazing day, and be curious about something new.

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