Flotation Therapy

When was the last time you spent an hour just thinking. Absolutely zero distractions from the world. Only you and your mind, no clothes.

I first officially heard about flotation therapy from Funk Roberts. His description and the listed benefits where more than enough to peak my interests. I say officially heard about it, because The Simpsons had done an episode many moons back where Homer and Lisa try it out. It is pretty funny.

Anywho, I found the closest location was in Golden, CO called Into the Mystic Healing & Art. Anna and I am in Golden at least once a month walking around and having dinner. We stopped in and purchased a four pack earlier this year. We did our first session over the summer. Anna wasn’t a huge fan of it, but I really enjoyed the experience. On a side note, if you have dyed hair, the flotation pod will remove all the color.

I probably should explain what is a float and a flotation pod. The pod is shaped like a large egg and has around 800 lbs of Epsom Salt. At one end, it has a large mouth opening for you to get in and it is filled with about ten inches of water. Some people might be claustrophobic and it is completely okay to leave the door open. It is whatever you feel comfortable with. When you lay down in it, you float. It doesn’t matter how many tacos you had for lunch, you are going to float. You feel completely weightless. I like to think it is what I would experience if I was in space. It is also recommended that you remove all your clothes as the fabrics can irritate you and/or distract you. Luckily, you are in a room by yourself.

Image from  Wikimedia Commons , but it really does look like that.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, but it really does look like that.

Flotation therapy has a lot of benefits from reduced depression, anxiety and stress, faster muscle recovery after a workout, improved sleep quality, and improved creativity. Bulletproof Blog has a great article called the 5 Incredible Health Benefits of Floating that includes a lot of studies about floating.

For me, I use it as a time to clear my mind, reduce stress, and work through a hard issue. The last float I did was about two weeks ago. I was providing remote training to a team out on the east coast. I was arriving at work at 6 AM MST each morning to setup video equipment for class to start at 7 AM MST. It was the first time I had done remote training on that level. I learned a lot that week, but also wanted to figure out how to make it better. There is a possibility I’ll be doing more remote training in the future and I wanted to think about ways I could make it more engaging. I spent the first thirty-ish minutes just relaxing. Allowing myself to go into a deeply relaxing and calming state, drifting in and out of consciousness. Just being. After that, I started transitioning into thinking about the training. What areas did I believe went well. What areas did I believe needed improvement. I then started thinking of items I could try for the future.

When I emerged after sixty minutes, I felt so inspired. There is a new sense of clarity. Your body feels beyond refreshed and full of energy. I wound up writing for about thirty minutes afterwards. I look forward to the next session.


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