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Hey everyone! I have an RSS feed now. It is

This site has really been a learning opportunity for me. I’m constantly changing, adjusting, tweaking, and removing. When I first setup the site, I had three individual blogs: personal life, rex fun, and passionate about. To me, it made sense to have three different blogs for three different topics. Later, when I was looking to do an RSS feed, I found out that having three separate blogs meant three separate RSS feeds. That might be nice if you are just interested in one topic, but annoying if you are interested in all three. I felt like all three in one would be better than the three separate.

I created a new blog, migrated all the blogs over to it, and then configured categories for each of the three topics. I then created three separate pages that only display content with the corresponding category. That allowed me to have the one RSS feed, but three separate topics on the site.

Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the site or just in general, I’m completely open to the feedback.

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