Learning to Shoot Video

The Journey

The journey began in 2017 when Anna attended the Promoting Passion Convention (PPC). It had a huge impact on her. So much so that she “insisted” I go to PPC 2018. While PPC is not considered a photo convention, it is organized by the amazing Brooke Shaden, who is a photographer and the workshops were more photography focused. There were a few workshops that weren’t photography based though. One of those workshops was Devin Schiro’s How to Make Super Dope Videos for Social Media.

The Experience

This workshop was so incredibly inspiring to me. Coming to the workshop, I felt like a bit of an outsider. I am not a photographer in the hobby or professional sense. I can point my phone at something, make sure there isn’t a tree growing out of someone’s head, and push the button. I also know about ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, but don’t have a camera where I would adjust it. I was showing up to a workshop to shoot video with a cell phone. As I sat there looking to my left and right, everyone else had their digital cameras. I was feeling a little bit out of place.

Then Devin said something, he said it was easier to shoot video with his cell phone than a professional camera. The phone does everything automatically. At that moment, I felt hopeful. For me, I had a phone in my pocket and the knowledge that I could make great videos with it. That was enough for me to feel ready to jump in feet first and try to shoot some video. He helped me configure the settings on my phone and off I went.

The entire workshop went outside, we shot video, and then he went through the process of editing it with Adobe Premier. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Premier license, but Devin said DaVinci Resolve was a great alternative. While the final program I would be using would be different, it was awesome to watch him and his thought process.

My Turn


This past Thanks Giving, Anna and I went to visit family in Memphis. The day after Thanks Giving we went and toured Memphis. We saw some of the tourist sites Memphis has to offer including some amazing BBQ. Before we left the house, I challenged myself to shoot video. I would record the day and make a video. I felt nervous at first. I didn’t know what my relatives would think. After a few moments, it wasn’t a big deal. It just became part of the day. Anna was taking photos and Adam was recording video.


This past Christmas, Anna and I went to visit her family in North Carolina. Again, I challenged myself to record video. I still had some of the same fears as Thanks Giving, but of any family members, I felt Anna’s family would be the most understanding. I recorded a ton of video that day. I am beyond excited about the below video. I played the video a few times for Anna’s family and the amount of laughter I heard made me jump for joy. It was music to my ears.

Future Improvements

Two areas I can immediately think about for improvements are a phone stabilizer (gimbal) and color correction of clips. For the gimbal, I picked up a Smove Mobile this past week and was in the mountains yesterday trying it out while snowboarding. It was challenging trying to snowboard and shoot video at the same time, but I had a lot of fun. For color correction, I know in the Christmas video I have some colors that are off. I’m currently watching DaVinci Resolve 15 - The Art of Color Grading to learn how to do color correction.

I also signed up for a week long video production program in Feb. that I’m excited about taking. Luckily, they have equipment there that I can use.

If you have a suggestion, on how I could improve, I would love to hear it.


I was all over the Internet looking at tutorials and walkthroughs. Out of all the resources I came across, the Introduction to Editing from DaVinci Resolve was by far the most helpful.

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