I’m so excited about getting this setup. About eight weeks ago, I was asked about setting up a newsletter. Side note, if you would like to contact me, you can Say Hello! in the upper right corner.


When I first heard the idea, I thought, that should be super simple to do. Several weeks later, I actually accomplished it. Now, that is with me working around two to four hours a week on it. It wound up being really challenging. I was recommended MailChimp by a couple of people, I created an account, and then immediately felt overwhelmed at the Create A Template stage. What did I want to do for a template? What style, font, how did I want it to look. All things I had no idea about. At that point, I really started paying attention to the layout of other peoples newsletters.


Once I settled on a template, and made it mine, I realized I screwed something up when viewing it on my phone. I had to go back and redesign it for a smaller screen.

v1, not so good for the phone.

v1, not so good for the phone.

v2, much better

v2, much better

Then became the challenge of how to do sign ups. That was harder than the template. My site is hosted with Squarespace and they have this amazing block you can drop in for newsletter sign ups. Except it doesn’t integrate with MailChimp with my current plan. But that is okay, Squarespace allows you to create your own newsletter templates and send them out. Huzzah!

Except it is currently in a trial stage. At some point, I would need to upgrade to a higher tier plan, crap. If I’ve learned anything in IT, you usually stick with something until it becomes so unbearable that you have to change. If I was going to do a sign up, I wanted it to be right the first time.

Ah, but I can use Google Drive to store the list of contacts, then point MailChimp at the Google Drive spreadsheet. Huzzah!

What if people unsubscribe from the newsletter then down the road thought, that Adam guy, he is pretty awesome and I would like to see him in my inbox, crap. It didn’t handle unsubscriptions and resubscriptions.

Then one magical day, I accidentally found MailChimp has an HTML sign up page. It was like the Holy Grail for me. Light came down from the sky. I’m pretty sure I heard birds chirping in the background. It was so easy. I just added a code block, put in the HTML, then added some extra HTML lines to my liking, and it was done. You have no idea how accomplished I felt that day. It was like I just climbed a mountain.

I included a sign up at the bottom of this post. I’ll start including them in my future posts. If you would like to be notified about future posts, I would love for you to sign up.

My next goal, RSS.


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