Valentine's Day Food Tour

I love finding things that Anna and I can do together. When I look back over our past Valentine’s days and Birthdays, a lot of it involves food. If you know Anna, she loves food. I mean, really loves food. I’m sure if food was a person, Anna would marry him/her. We’ve done several cooking classes together, and I thought this year, why not a food tour. Last year, around this time we did a food tour in Copenhagen and had an absolute blast. It was just the two of us with a local tour guide. It was the best tour ever. We ate and drank A LOT. It was fun. Why not a food tour of Denver? Why not learn some things about the place where we live?

I did some searching and found a tour for the Sunday after Valentine’s day (Delicious Denver Food Tour). It was six food stops, plus we could add three drink pairings. When it comes to food, if we are at some place special or an event, we go all out. It is about the experience. If it is a normal or routine place, meh. We’ll save the few bucks for the special times.

Stop 1: Marco’s Pizza <-Favorite place

Stop 2: Lazo Empanadas

Stop 3: Biker Jim’s

Stop 4: Kachina Cantina

Stop 5: Mercantile

Stop 6: Ulteria

Below is a video of the places we visited.

As I write this post, I feel like I’m going to explode. I’m beyond stuffed and beyond lethargic. I just want to lay on the couch and do nothing. It was an amazing time. I really enjoyed the tour and would recommend for everyone to see if your city has a tour. While we’ve lived her for four years, I learned all sorts of new things and tried all sorts of new restaurants that I may have not found on my own.

When it comes to gifts, I love experiences. Whether that is giving or receiving. Experiences stick with you for a lifetime. Smells and sights can easily transport you back to that moment. I’m not saying that things are bad, especially when they lead to memory creation, but for me, I prefer the experiences. Some of the other activities Anna and I have done in the past are couples massages where we had a masseuse teach us how to massage each other, couples hot yoga, glass blowing, cooking classes (Italian, date night of amazing foods, sushi making, chocolate making, and knife skills which led to food), and two food tours now.

My birthday is right around the corner and I’m beyond excited by the experiences we have lined up. There will certainly be a blog post and a video afterwards.

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