Ice Racing on Georgetown Lake

Frozen lake and cars, doesn’t sound like a good idea. I’m sure the first thought that popped in your mind was a car falling through the ice.

Before moving to Colorado, I wanted to try ice racing. I had seen videos of people racing on ice back when we lived in Virginia. I wanted to try it so badly. The videos I was watching, was of people on Georgetown lake in Colorado. When we moved to Colorado, I was one step closer to achieving my goal.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to do ice racing, since we moved here. I tried last year, but it was so warm the ice wasn’t thick enough and most the events were canceled. This year, we’ve had a pretty cold winter. The ice needs to be at least 12” thick for a car to drive on it and if it is over 20” you can park a trailer on it. A freaking trailer!!


Twice a year, they do fun runs on Fridays. As many runs as you can do. I put the request in for work and told Anna with lots of excitement. I’m really proud of Anna. At first, she was an absolute no. She wouldn’t do it. Then she said, well, I’ll come to take pictures. Then she said, well, I’ll come and we can share your car. Then she said, well, I’d like to ice race in my car.

Anna had a great time.


We arrived around 9 AM that day. At 9:30 AM, tech inspection opened. They do a basic check of the cars to make sure they are safe enough to go out on the ice. At 11 AM, the courses open. While we waited for the courses to open, we talked to the other drivers. They were all super friendly and shared their knowledge and experiences. It made us feel so much more comfortable.


At first, they had two courses open. One course was shaped like a glass soda bottle and the second course was shaped like a squished and flattened X. The first course was pretty confusing, but the second course was much easier. All the raises are heads up races. Two drivers drive out on the ice, and start in opposite directions. The person to get across the finish line first wins. At no point is there a chance of hitting another car.


As the day progressed, a third course was opened. It was more of a rounded square. In total there was about fifty cars. Anna wound up doing eight laps and I did somewhere around twelve. Every single lap, it was such a rush. A rush of fear, panic, excitement, and laughter. My face hurt because I was smiling so much. Here you are, on a frozen lake, trying to drive around a course of cones, with almost no traction. It was more hilarious than anything. You would have the wheel fully turned (locked), brakes fully engaged (ABS pulsing), trying to get around a cone, and not take it out. I think my max speed for the day was fifteen miles per hour. It isn’t very fast, but then again, you are on a sheet of very bumpy ice. It feels a lot faster in the moment.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I would go right now if I could. I had such a great time. I had an even better time that Anna was there. We did “ride alongs”, where you are a passenger in the other person’s car. We had lunch together. We talked to others. We both laughed. We both had pounding heart rates. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

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