NYC and Promoting Passion Convention

I feel like a bit of an odd ball. A bit of an outsider. While I take pictures with my phone, that doesn’t make me a photographer.

This is the second time I’ve attended the Promoting Passions Convention (PPC). The first time was in 2018 where I learned about making videos. PPC “is all about encouraging others to live a passionate lifestyle.” While I’m not a photographer, I am still passionate about learning more and pushing myself to my limits. This year the creator of PPC decided to try something new. In the past, it has been multiple days. This year, a single day in different cities. Anna and I decided to attend in NYC.


Lady Liberty

Our first full day was on Thursday. We booked a day trip to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I had the chance to see both last year on a work related trip, but Anna hadn’t seen them. The reason I bring that up, they hadn’t opened the museum yet. It was like a completely different tour for the Statue of Liberty. The museum was awesome. I could have walked around there for a good while.

Visiting the statue is fun. She is much smaller in person. You climb 163 stairs to get up to the observation level. The views are also spectacular.

If you plan to visit in the future, no food and drink are allowed. You have to go through two TSA style check points, but only metal detectors, and you can leave your shoes on. Also, bags with one strap are allowed. Bags with two straps have to be stored in a locker.

Ellis Island

After seeing Lady Liberty, we took the ferry over to Ellis Island. The history is really interesting. If you aren’t much of a history person, it is kind of boring. The first time through, I was super excited to hear all about the history. The second time, I was kind of bored.

Art Show

The art show was the second main reason why we chose NYC over the other locations. The creator, Brooke Shaden, had a solo art show opening that night! She had thirteen pieces on display. The work was amazing and everyone from PPC turned out. It was great to see everyone again.


Of course. Anna and I love ramen. If we are some place new, we are looking for a ramen joint. This trip was no exception. We jumped on the subway and made our way to Mentoku Ramen. It wasn’t very crowded and pretty good.



I was so looking forward to PPC. It was in the basement of our hotel. We had two presenter’s Brooke Shaden and Chris Knight.

Brooke talked about fulfilling our legacy and pursuing our purpose. It was a very motivational talk. One of the things I love about PPC is how supportive everyone is. It is a place with no judgement. We all have personal issues we are working through. We all have fears. PPC is an opportunity to focus on yourself and improve yourself.

Chris Knight was next. He talked about his process that he goes through to create an image. It was super fascinating for me. Chris is incredibly technical. He is very methodical on the way he approaches ideas and shoots. Every detail is planned. It was very interesting. At least for me, when I typically thinks of an artist, I think of someone very free. Being completely in the moment and creating on the fly. The entire time, I’m watching them, thinking where are they going? Then they turn out a master piece. But seeing Chris, how much he planned every piece was super interesting.

PPC ended around 4 PM. It was an amazing experience and I hope I can attend next year.

Lindsey Adler

As a third bonus of the NYC trip, Lindsey Adler was also doing a separate session. After PPC, we grabbed a sandwich, jumped on the subway, and headed to Lindsey’s studio. She went deep into her history of starting out with photography to present day. She shared so many lessons that she learned during the process. Places she succeeded and failed. While the conversation was photography based, it was still interesting to learn about her story. Anna really enjoyed her session and got a lot out of it.


Our last full day. We were staying on the thirty-fourth floor of our hotel. The hotel had a pretty solid gym on the thirty-fifth floor. Anna and I decided to run the stairs before breakfast. From the first to the thirty-fifth. It was certainly a mental challenge.

After breakfast, we did a food tour of Hell’s Kitchen. It was an awesome tour, because it wasn’t just a food tour. We spent the first two hours stopping by five restaurants. Then, we spent the second two hours walking about Central Park. I knew Central Park was big, but woh. After two hours of walking, we covered maybe forty percent of it. It also happened to be Father’s day weekend. There were also sorts of activities and fun to be had. At the end of the day, we had walked twelve miles.


Time to head home. We packed our stuff, and off to the airport we went. I’m looking forward to attending PPC again next year.

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