Grizzly Peak Trail

Anna and I love to go into the mountains.

Photo credit:  Anna Bruce

Photo credit: Anna Bruce

In the summer time to go hiking/exploring/pictures/events or in the winter time, snowboarding. During the winter time, people hike up the first part of this trail to go back country skiing. That is when you climb something tall, and go skiing or snowboarding down it. Usually at the bottom, there is someone waiting with a car to drive back to the top or a stranger lend a ride.


We have been driving past this trail for years. It is off a popular road to get to the ski resorts. Anna has done a few photo shoots at the base.

We both had a free weekend, and decided to hike it. We got up at 3 AM, and got to the trail head by 6 AM. There are three different trails in the area. We decided to head to the right when we got to the top. The first part of the hike is by far the most strenuous. It has the most elevation change. Once at the top, the hike has rolling hills. There are amazing views on both sides.

Photo Credit:  Anna Bruce

Photo Credit: Anna Bruce

We got just above 13,000 feet and did a bit over 6.5 miles. It is an out and back. We aren’t quite sure where it ended, but we stopped at a gorgeous overlook, had some lunch (9 AM), and headed back. We are planning on hiking it again next year, but trying one of the other trails.

Huge thanks to Anna for the amazing pictures.

Below is a short video of our hike. I had a lot of fun shooting it and editing it.

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