Today, I take the leap

This is a scary moment for me. This is my first official blog post. I did some test ones, but I don’t count those. This is my first real/public post. It is a scary moment. I’m sure I’ll get better over time. I’ll figure out how to make these more interesting, but that isn’t completely the goal for me with this blog. It is really a place for me to share my thoughts. To stop being so scared to put myself out there more. To share more about me. Leading up to this blog, I started feeling nervous, palms were feeling slightly sweaty, heart beating a little harder. I panicked and did a stall tactic. I read a review of a 2n1 laptop that I’m thinking about buying. My current one is due for replacement. I also heard that Google is coming out with a new tablet/2n1 in about a week and that has also peeked my interest. In a few weeks, my wife and I will be doing something that we’ve been looking forward to for a year. I certainly plan to talk about the experience.

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